15 Cheerleading Tryout Disasters That Should Never Be Repeated

A couple years ago we had a post on 8 cheerleading tryout disasters that should never be repeated. The bad part is that women didn’t listen to our advice and now BC is up to 15 cheerleading tryout disasters. It’s your money, ladies. Don’t blame us when you drop $100 on a tryout and waste a Saturday afternoon only to be rejected because you’re giant ass can’t move or you’re pregnant. Nothing is more challenging at a tryout than a fetus in your belly. Just sayin’.

It’s that time of year when NFL cheerleading teams are busily filling roster spots. The sad part of these tryouts is that there are women who have no right walking through the doors, actually walking through the doors. Is that mean? Sure, but someone has to slap the sense into women who’re paying $100 to fill their SUVs and go and drop $100 for a shot at the San Diego Charger Girls.

“Yeah, but what about women having dreams?”

Who are we to argue with women? Go ahead and blow you money on NFL tryouts. Don’t be pissed when we’re laughing and adding you to this growing list.