Who Knew Adam Schefter Was Our Homeboy On Twitter? Let’s Get A Beer, Schefs


Actually got up this morning at 6:20 & was dicking around with some DVRs. Little bit of Shark Tank on ABC, a Hard Rock Calling from 2010 featuring Pearl Jam and then brought in the garbage cans. No big deal. Then I saw the NY Post front page on Newseum. Yeah, it seemed like it would be a big deal to the 6k BC followers (yes, subtract 500 or so porn bots). Darren Rovell H/T’d us and then Adam Schefter came in for the reach around for the ages.

Damn, it felt good.

This RT’d from Schefter’s 1.5 million follower account…

Turns into this…on a Saturday morning. And counting. The amount of RT’s for the Post tweet is insane. Stopped counting at a couple hundred. Look here for the Twitter @bustedcoverage & @adamschefter search results. That’s in real time.

Big takeaway this morning is Kevin Negandhi is now following. Like two degrees away from getting in Hannah Storm’s pants. That makes getting out of bed at 6:30 so worth it.

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