Someone Farted On The Miami Heat Bench Last Night [VIDEO]

Hard-boiled eggs mixed with draft beer. No, it was Taco Bell and Pellegrino. Someone dropped a deuce bomb on the Miami Heat bench last night and suddenly everyone on the Internet acted like this has never happened before in sports history. Has to happen on a MLB bench at least 8-10 times per game.

The best part of this is how Shaq breaks it down. Play-by-play.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Fart bomb. Heat bench. Players react. TNT shows it. Internet goes nuts. Do these people ever go out on a Thursday? Yeah, the Internet people. Must be a miserable life sitting at home watching a Heat-Bulls game in April when the weather is getting perfect for going to a bar patio. Actually feel bad for guys watching the 1st quarter of NBA games. Everyone knows there’s no use watching until the final five minutes. Kinda like NASCAR. Why watch until lap 195 of 200. There should actually be a iPhone app that alerts you. Oh, look, Heat-Bulls are tied 95-95 with 1:20 left. At least a half-hour of TV viewing over that 1:20.

Climax of Video: Someone farted. That’s the climax.

Conclusion: God, the NBA is awful until June.