Florida Panthers Ice Girl Alexis Wants To Cheer Up Mark Sanchez [PHOTOS]

Our old friend Alexis, the Florida Panthers ice girl profiled in March, is back with what is about to help her rise from the 300 follower level on Twitter. 371 this morning to be exact. How is that possible, you morons? You’ll follow idiots like Demi Moore, meanwhile @AlexisDAugusto is dropping Jets jersey underboob. Get your asses in gear and give Alexis a follow.

(Guessing we’ll get more underboob when that 1k mark is surpassed.) Last night Alexis sent us the above underboob that’s about to make her a star. Ladies, we keep preaching. You submit photos like Alexis and stardom is right around the corner.

As for Mark Sanchez, the guy needs to cheer up over this whole Tebow ‘thing.’ What better way to get this guy out of the duldrums than one of his biggest fans dropping these shots. Hands down sexiest ice girl in the NHL.