Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Orlando Magic’s Jessica [28 PHOTOS]

Earlier this week we introduced you to quite possibly the hottest Asian cheerleader in the NBA playoffs Sophie. Today we’re going back to the state of Florida to see what the Orlando Magic have to offer in the hot cheerleader department. Not surprisingly the quick jaunt up Florida’s Turnpike nets us yet another gorgeous sun-kissed Floridian shaking her moneymaker for one of the Eastern Conference’s championship contenders (well, at least they were until Dwight Howard’s feelings get hurt).

Not only does Jessica have the perfect NBA dancer’s body, but she is a former Florida State Golden Girl dancer. The FSU Golden Girls have got to be one of the Top 5 hottest dance crews in all of college sports, so you know Jessica has a great pedigree. It’s almost as if she went to college and majored in NBA Dancing. And let’s be honest, FSU isn’t really known for it’s academic prowess, so it’s distinctly possible that is exactly what Jessica majored in. Way to be progressive FSU!

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Playoffs: Sophie

• This is Jessica’s 2nd year on the OMD squad

• She considers herself an Irish/Italian/German-American

• Her major: Recreation and Leisure Services Administration