Charles Barkley Relaxes His Confederate Flag Hatred For This Auburn Lass

So we kinda got into it last night with Auburn nation over the Charles Barkley with greasy redneck Auburn bros during rodeo weekend photo. We thought Auburn fans/students were honored to be called greasy rednecks. Maybe coming from a Yankee it was an insult. Just reporting what we see. And the guys with Barkley look like their clothes could use a wash.

Anyway, Chuck also took time out of his night for picture time with this lass, Josie Allen. She sent us a photo of herself and the Mound at the 17-16 bar.

Yes, she’s wearing a Confederate flag dress. Could care less that Josie is wearing a Confederate flag on Auburn rodeo weekend or any weekend. We know Josie and the redneck bros think we’d get all ‘liberal’ and look for a fight with them over this pic. To the contrary. This is the kind of photo that is great on the Internet. You realize how bad Barkley hates the Confederate flag?

Let’s take a journey back in time (2004) to when Chuck shared his thoughts on NASCAR & flags. Mound told reporters during an NBA All-Star Game conference call that he “won’t watch NASCAR because he saw 10 Confederate flags while on the way to a race and turned around and went home.”

See, Josie should be honored to get a Confederate flag that close to Chuck. Truly an amazing accomplishment.

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