100 Sexy Ukrainian Cheerleaders For UEFA Euro 2012 [PHOTOS]

Ever go to a NYC strip club and ask the beautiful ladies where their homeland is on a globe? 7 out of 10 will be from Ukraine. Not kidding. Lots of ‘novas in those clubs. Which brings us to the UEFA Euro 2012 taking place this summer in the former piece of the Soviet empire. Yes, we’ve checked. There will be cheerleaders at the Euro. And they’ll all be hot. And if there is a country in Europe that knows cheerleaders it’s the Ukraine. The place is crawling.

UEFA Euro 2012 Facts:

• First time Ukraine has hosted the tournament

• June 8-July 1

• Olympic Stadium in Kiev holds 65,000 for soccer

• Final is July 1 in Kiev

• Nations playing in Ukraine side of bracket: the home country, Sweden, France, England, Spain, Italy Ireland & Croatia

• Official tournament ball: the Adidas Tango 12

• 12 million ticket applications filed