100 Sexy Red Sox Superfans To Celebrate Fenway’s 100th Birthday [100 PHOTOS]

We could really care less about Fenway celebrating its 100th anniversary today with a game against the New York Yankees. First pitch today – 3:15 p.m. The place most likely would’ve been blown up in the late 1990s if it wasn’t for the Tom Henry crew saving the team and the old yard. What we care about is the Red Sox tradition of hot chicks, who really don’t know anything about baseball, becoming fans & wearing the team’s colors. 

In case you care about a baseball ballpark celebrating its 100th anniversary, here are some great facts for you to drop on your buddy at the bar this afternoon.

• Cost $650,000 to build

• That’s $15,000,000 in current dollars

• Green Monster wasn’t painted green until 1947

• First soccer game played on field in 1931

• First professional football game played in 1926

• Named Fenway because it’s in Fenway neighborhood

• Attendance during two games in 1965 – 500 fans