Youngest Streaker In MLB History Looks Like A Little Hoodrat [VIDEO]


The big news out of today’s White Sox-Orioles game this afternoon came during the 7th inning when a young kid decided he’d listen to his elders and run onto the U.S. Cellular (or whatever they’re calling it) Field. Of course he was apprehended by the left fielder and child right’s advocates will soon debate whether his parents should be jailed and/or banned from life at Cellular.

What kind of dirtbag sends his kid onto a MLB field to possibly be tased?

Posted: Hour ago

Premise of Video: Streaking is off to a strong start this year. Big news here is that the hoodrat gave up so easily. Gotta at least get the jersey dirty by sliding into 2nd base. Maybe a Pete Rose into 3rd.

Climax of Video: His jail mugshot.

Conclusion: The Orioles broadcast didn’t show the streaker but how could CSN (White Sox TV) resist that cute little hoodrat and his viral reach. We smell a promotion around this one, kids. Run the bases during God Bless America?

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