Not Kidding, Troy Aikman Is Selling .90 Acres Of Texas Land For $11.5 Million!


Remember how everyone was laughing at Troy Aikman last year when he listed his Dallas mansion for $24,000,000? “Ridiculous asking price. He’s nuts. Never going to sell that place.” Blah, blah, blah. Guess who’s now selling his house for $14,000,000 and the adjacent .90 acres of land for $11,500,000? That’s right, Aikman. According to Dallas real estate expert Candy Evans, someone is interested in that .90 acres.

Who’s laughing now, punks?

A separate listing has been created on the Allie Beth Allman & Associates website for the grounds and the asking price is not a joke. That’s right, no house is included in the sale. Nope, not even a guest house. You get dirt, grass, trees and the privilege of owning some of the most expensive land in Texas that isn’t associated with oil.

It was reported in 2009 that Aikman took out a $5 million mortgage on the house to buy the land from a developer involved in a city hall scandal. According to that story, there used to be a 7,400 sq. ft. house on the property. Guess Troy had it bulldozed because there is no mention of a house in the Allie Beth Allman listing.

[HT: Candy’s Dirt]  [Have $24,000,000 Laying Around? Buy Troy Aikman’s Texas Estate!]

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