Drunken Redneck Chick Is Jimmie Johnson Fan & Gettin’ Arrested At Texas [VIDEO]


Ahh, nothing like the smell of warm Coors Light, meth, redneck body odor and burning rubber in the Texas air. It’s only April, but it’s been pretty quiet on the NASCAR redneck scene. Until this broad showed up to the Speedway. She’s drunk, a Jimmie Johnson fan, allegedly showing off her boobs for beads and just being an all-around lousy drunk.

The fuzz doesn’t seem too impressed that she’s showing off the cans and swoop in.

Posted: April 15, 2012

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) “This chick was loving NASCAR and fast cars turning left. Unfortunately for her, the police didn’t take a liking to her naked crowd climbing for dollar bills and beads. Her good times ended early.”

Climax of Video: Fast-forward to the :35 mark when the cops have had enough of ‘Methhead Megan’ and are ready to take her to the drunk tank. Notice how ‘Methhead’ is being drug away yet still kicks some innocent woman. Classy!

Conclusion: Here’s what led up to the arrest. It’s SFW, but shows how annoying ‘Methhead’ was being to those just trying to watch cars turn left.

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