Charles Barkley Enjoying Auburn Rodeo Weekend With These Rednecks [PHOTO]

This past weekend just happened to be Auburn rodeo weekend, the annual frat party put on by the Alpha Psi brothers. The event is known for (A.) Booze, (B.) Dirty jorts, (C.) Daisy dukes, (D.) Rednecks. Just happened that Charles Barkley was in town and at some bar where some greasy Auburn bros stopped the Round Mound of Rebound for a photo op. Typical celebrities would brush off the dirtbags and tell them to get a shower. Not Barkley. 

According to @TheClintCarroll:

I just talked to and got a picture with THE Charles Barkley…while wearing my rodeo attire. War damn eagle.

War Damn Eagle, indeed. (Still efforting the name of the bar because we have a hard time believing Barkley would just venture to a redneck rodeo.)

Did you run into Chuck during rodeo weekend? Were you in daisy dukes? Send in the evidence.

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