#RangersRack Contestant Sara Buys New Rangers Shirt [PHOTO]


Is there anything more embarrassing for a #RangersRack participant than wearing a C.J. Wilson shirt in her rack photos? Ask Sara (@RangersGirl36) who appeared on BC earlier this week in her Wilson shirt and was promptly ridiculed by fellow Rangers fans who have turned the page on the lefty. So embarrassed, Sara went out today and picked up a new shirt she wanted to show you guys.

Approve or disapprove?

Sara reports,

Tried on a few, but here’s the one I bought!

[Rangers vs. Red Sox  |  Tonight  |  7:10 EST  |  Beckett vs. Holland]

Look, women buying shirts in 2012 have such an advantage over a woman buying a Rangers shirt in 1993. As a matter of fact, once this blogging gig kicks the bucket, my ass is headed to China where I’ll be designing these shirts for MLB chicks. The key here is that the team name needs to be horizontal across the rackage.

As you can see, the designer dropped Texas way too far below the rack line. Major fail. And what’s up with the kerning (space between the letters)? Sure, professionals understand that’s a Texas shirt, but does a commoner?

Clean it up, shirt designers. Your ass is about to be out of a job.

Are you hot and want to get in on the #RangersRack competition? Rules are simple: show off your Rangers pride, take photos and send us the photos. That’s it.



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