Model May Andersen Gets Naked For Playboy; Steelers Marcus Gilbert Notices [PHOTOS]


We get marketing emails from Team Playboy at least a couple times per month to give us the heads up on who’s in the next issue. Yesterday was one of those days. Would BC be interested in posting about supermodel May Andersen getting naked for the May issue? Told the marketing rep there wasn’t a sports-angle but we’d figure out something. Enter Steelers OL Marcus Gilbert.

Pretty sure he got the May issue last night and went into Jose Canseco creep mode. Why wouldn’t he? Remember how May Andersen was super famous in 2011 for the insane NSFW private photos that ended up on the Internet? Like, really NSFW photos.

Maybe they know each other from the NYC clubs. 5% chance of that being the case. Not to get all up in Ms. Andersen’s business, but she should at least make a run at chatting up Gilbert. Dude is 6-6, 330 and started 13 games as a rookie in 2011. Andersen has 1,100 Twitter followers. Gilbert has 92k. Homegirl needs to at least be chatty with these NFL guys. At least get an invite to the ESPYs. Maybe turn that into a guest appearance on some Sirius NFL show to act like she’s a football fan.

That might actually lead to dating a member of the Jets, which would lead to the tabloids, which would lead to much more modeling work.

It’s May’s call, but those 1,100 followers are getting bored.

[Playboy – May Andersen]

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