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For The Ladies: Flyers Goon Zac Rinaldo Mirror Photos To Lust Over

Ever heard of Philadelphia Flyers goon Zac Rinaldo? Yeah, we hadn’t either. Looked up his stats and realized this guy compiled 232 PIMs in the regular season and racked up 16 PIMs in Game 3 against the Penguins. Then we went to YouTube to watch him fight Zenon Konopka. Not a great brawl, but proof that he drops ’em early and often.

So, of course, we’re kinda figuring we’ll be getting our asses kicked over these mirror pics. #NBD. It’s our job to expose mirror shots, even from the guys who are 21-years-old, had 331 PIMs in the AHL.

Thanks to our friends in Quebec for these shots. No idea when Zac sent these off to a Puck Bunny, but she seems to have turned on him.

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich has used his photo matching recognition software and swears on his sex life that it’s Rinaldo.


[Flyers vs. Penguins  |  Game Four  |  7:30  |  Tonight]

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