Does Albert Pujols’ Chinstrap Bobblehead Look Anything Like Pujols? [PHOTOS]


When fans show up to an Anaheim Angels game in mid-April for Albert Pujols Bobblehead Night they expect to take home a piece that’ll become part of their memorabilia collection. These people take their Chinese-made, $25 eBay auction value item seriously because the game isn’t nearly as important as the ‘free stuff’ they get upon entry.

So imagine Angels fan’s anger last night when he/she saw how bad Albert’s beard looks on the bobblehead.


First of all, fans are claiming that Albert has never had the full beard. That’s false. As you can see from his team photo during Spring Training, the slugger had the meticulously trimmed playing field.

As for the pencil artwork on the bobblehead, Pujols would never be so messy with his goatee. That grill is shaved to perfection on a daily basis. And it’s full. Of course bobbleheads aren’t going to be perfect. Take this Ichiro bobblehead. A complete mess.

What most people are trying to say is that they would have enjoyed the Pujols goatee bobblehead much more than the chinstrap.

Don’t care either way? You can already select from like 50 different sellers on eBay who wasted little time selling off the homerless Pujols bobblehead.

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