Cardiff’s Mark Hudson’s Drills 68-Yard Goal Against Derby County [VIDEO]


The UK media is calling it the “Wonder Goal.” Cardiff City’s Mark Hudson unleashed a shot last night against Derby County and this morning the goal video is making its way to the U.S. where soccer dorks are geeking out. It’s estimated that this one travels 68-yards and embarrasses the Derby goalie. How big was this home win for Cardiff? It was the team’s first in seven games.

Break out the booze, boys. Wonder goaaaalllllllllll!

Posted: Last night by a bunch of lads

Premise of Video: Guy kicks ball on his own side of the pitch. Ball sails to goal. Goalie is caught napping. Ball goes into net. Soccer dorks go nuts.

Climax of Video: Why do soccer dorks always clap like giant d-bags after a guy scores a goal? Is that a Euro soccer requirement?

Conclusion: Soccer dorks will spend the next 12 hours dorking out on this and then it’ll become just another moment in time on the Internet. Enjoy the ride, Hudson.

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