Yes, Gronk Dancing & Singing To LMFAO Classics In Zubaz At Playboy Golf [VIDEO]

We’d like to thank the great folks at Playboy Golf for inviting Team Jizz Blaster to this year’s finals. Hands down best thing to ever happen to the yearly event. Of course our coverage of Gronk & the rest of his Jizz Blasters has been extensive. Yes, you freaks can’t get enough of the sunglasses, the Zubaz and the debauchery. Jizz Blaster Dean Muhtadi is uploading party videos today and this one should become a classic.

(Muhtadi had a cup of tea with the Packers and Cardinals. He’s the giant Jizz Blaster going with the Iron Sheik look.)

Posted: This afternoon

Premise of Video: LMFAO comes on and the party is officially on at this Playboy Golf party. Listen closely to Gronk as he karaokes this bitch. Just party rockin’ at Playboy. A bro’s dream coming true.

Climax of Video: He actually sings along. Brings a tear of joy to our eye.

Conclusion: There’s a Zubaz do-rag on the market? Learn something new all the time.

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