Hottest Sideline Reporter Sisters In Baseball History: Katherine & Kristina Akra! [PHOTOS]

It was early 2011 when a sideline reporter named Kristina Akra first burst onto the Internet scene thanks to her work in the SEC and with the New England Patriots. Certain sites posted bikini photos and claimed Kristina had a background with the Miami Heat as a dancer. That wasn’t true at all. The bikini and dancer background actually belonged to her sister, Katherine Akra. Now the two are both working in baseball. Yes, this is HUGE news to us.

Kristina (Florida grad, journalism/communications degree) is in her first year working for MASN during the station’s Nats coverage. She’s a polished sideline reporter who knows just the right answers to ask after a walk-off HR.

Katherine (Florida grad, advertising degree) is the sideline reporter for Marlins Vision, the in-game entertainment that keeps fans awake between innings. As mentioned, she’s the former Miami Heat dancer who made the 2007 NBA All-Star game dancer team. There are also the bikini photos.

BC researchers tell us this is the first sideline reporting sister duo in MLB history. True, Katherine isn’t a traditional sideline reporter, but for the sake of this post, she’s a sideline reporter. Let’s not split hairs here.

Job: Marlins Vision Sideline Reporter   Twitter: @KatherineAkra

Job: MASN’s Nats Sideline Reporter ¬† Twitter: @KristinaAkra

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