This Peppy Guy Tried Out For Broncos Cheerleading Team [VIDEO]

We’ve officially entered the era of dudes trying out for NFL cheerleading teams. Look, we’re all for diversity and one’s self expression, but there are specific reasons why NFL cheerleading teams shouldn’t be accepting dudes into a woman’s role. You want to be a cheerleader? Go tryout for the Baltimore Ravens male cheerleading team, a unit that can do this to a female cheerleader. Good for Denver not falling for this trap. 

Of course the local news was all over this story because, hey, what TV viewer can turn away from a peppy skinny dude trying to be a female cheerleader?

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Peppy dude acts like he really wants to be an NFL cheerleader. Has spirit. Determination. Even made a YouTube video about his journey to this weekend’s tryout.

Climax of Video: The Something About Mary hair after his audition. So spikey.

Conclusion: Let’s all get real and stop thinking “this is a great thing.” It’s not. Stop it.

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