Sam Bradford’s Teen Girlfriend Karlie Kloss Could Stand To Eat A Burger [PHOTOS]


She’s 19. From St. Louis. Is 6-foot. Name: Karlie Kloss. He is a former Heisman Trophy winner. St. Louis Rams QB when he’s actually healthy. Name: Sam Bradford. She’s one of the world’s top models, has appeared in magazines around the world and likes hipster music. He’s one of the goofiest QBs in the NFL. Sometimes considered a giant dork with little to no personality.

Guess who’s dating & was at Coachella?

Blah, blah, blah. Supermodel dates an NFL QB. Heard this one too many times before. Old hat. Let’s focus on the real story here. That chick is 6-foot and can’t weigh 102 after slamming two Five Guys and a bag of fries. Can’t.

And what about Bradford’s attempt at being a hipster at Coachella. Stripped shirt that looks hip? Check. Backpack in the VIP section? Check. Hat on backwards? Check.

Wait, what’s on the other side of that hat?

Totally just lost his hipster card. End of story, can’t wear a hat from the team you play for, jerkoff. Big no-no.

How did this Kloss chick let him leave the hotel room wearing a Rams hat, especially one that’s not fitted? For God’s sake, grab a Golden State Warriors hat or a Supersonics hat. Who actually wears NFL hats, anyway?

And what about those eyes? Like he just saw those pancakes for the first time. Not a good look at all.


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