@RangersGirl36 Sent Us The Designated Kisser #RangersRack [PHOTOS]


Sara sent us an email this afternoon re: #RangersRack. “Scuuba_Steve on Twitter said that you boys were on a mission! I know it’s not TV coverage, but he recommended I send this to you anyway!” You know how we know this #RangersRack series is going to be huge? It’s only April and some guy named Scuuba_Steve is sending ladies our way. That’s power, folks.

Relax, fellas, that’s a Victoria’s Secret Rangers shirt. Our researchers approve of it for #RangersRack.

We also want ladies to know you don’t have to be on a Rangers broadcast to be featured on BC. Are you in a photograph and wearing a Rangers shirt? You’re approved for #RangersRack. Send ’em in.



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