If Browns DB Joe Haden Is Eventually Bankrupt Which Car Will He Keep?


Look, we’re not here to tell athletes how to spend their paychecks. It’s their money. Burn stacks of $20s to light water bongs for strippers for all we care. Want to knock up 10 broads and have 12 total kids? Have at it, brah. Want 15 cars that instantly decrease in value? What are you waiting on? Just don’t cry – like Warren Sapp – that you’re broke and it’s either bankruptcy or jail. That brings us to Joe Haden & his growing car collection. It’s spectacular!

The Browns DB got on Twitter this afternoon to brag about his (is that a Cutlass?) car you see above.

Gator boy old school!!! Finally its finished!!!

His contract after being drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft came in at five years, $50,000,000. Not bad at all for a 23-year-old (dare we say) lockdown corner.

We wish him well in his future car buying endeavors. Maybe the Lamborghini is a lease.






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