All Hell Breaks Loose In Barbados Basketball League – AGAIN! [VIDEO]


Herewego! You know what basketball league we watch when the NBA gets too boring with yet another night of 58 pick and roll plays? Um, the Barbados Basketball League. You might remember in 2011 when one game turned into a brawl when a player landed a running drop kick on a point guard. If that wasn’t cool enough, things got nuts Saturday night when things got crazy again.

Fists, feet, and even a dude swinging a chair! It’s all here!

Posted: April 15, 2012

Premise of Video: Fast-forward to the :35 mark when the action heats up. It’s a 5-on-5 brawl and brings a tear to our eye. Someone email us and let me know how much season tickets go for in the BABA. Any cheerleaders? We’ll do a bikini bonanza post. This league deserves more of our attention like two weeks ago.

Climax of Video: Is there one? How about the two dudes trying to fight each other in the 69 position. Hilarious!

Conclusion: The NBA should move the developmental league to Barbados. Who gives a sh*t about some team in Albuquerque when we could have like five teams in Barbados where they’d just be smoking weed all day and fighting on the court. Let’s make it happen, Stern.

[Gym Brawl – Barbados Nation News]

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