2012 USC Song Girls Swim With Mike Bikini Bonanza [PHOTOS]


Four years ago there would have been 20-25 sites who beat us to the 2012 USC Song Girls Swim With Mike story. This year? One site and that is the UCLA-centric BeatSC.com site. Our friend T-H was on the scene and insinuates there wasn’t much new from this year’s event that took place yesterday at the USC diving complex. Yes, there are new Song Girls in bikinis, but the same format for the event were used.

According to T-H’s on-the-ground report:

Yesterday marked the 32nd year of this worthwhile Foundation’s perennial fundraiser, and by 12:30pm, they had already raised over $800,000, to be given out as scholarships to college students who were high school athletes, and who have suffered devastating injuries and illnesses, including paralysis, blindness, amputation, and brain tumors (just to name a few).

We’ve checked, no photos of Layla Kiffin this year.

(*Added photos of the Song Girls at yesterday’s Spring Game, too.)

[Honey Drippers – BeatSC.com]

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