You Can Vote To Replace The God Awful Cy-Hawk Trophy [PHOTOS]

The original design of the Cy-Hawk trophy was so terribly bad that they are changing it after just one year of it being made. They are actually allowing the people to vote on the new design. The Cy-Hawk trophy is given to the winner of the Iowa-Iowa State game every year. Steele Jantz lead the Iowa State Cyclones to a win over the Iowa Hawkeyes last year for the Cy-Hawk trophy.  The top 3 designs of the trophy are up after the JUMP!

Have something from College Football today that we missed? Spotted a hot chick we need to investigate? Do your thing.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 1 has a corn backdrop which is perfect for Iowa. Option 2 looks like a part of the female anatomy and option 3 is supposed to look like corn stalk but absolutely doesn’t. Any of these three options are eternally better than the original design. You can vote here for the design.

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