UF Quarterback Is In Auburn For A Rodeo With His Cheerleader Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

That is the University of Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel with his smoking hot cheerleader girlfriend @TarinMoses in Auburn, Alabama. They are getting ready for one of the biggest annual rodeos in America that is this weekend. Jeff Driskel is competing for the starting QB job with Jacoby Brissett on Muschamp’s squad. They are definitely dressed for the rodeo and look to have a good time. They should fit in just fine!  JUMP!

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One thing is for sure, Jeff is definitely dating one hot cheerleader (what else would you expect from a possible starting quarterback?). Hopefully no Auburn fans find out who he is or they may be some trouble. Another concern is that if the Auburn coaches find out he is there and they try and offer the same amount they paid Cam Newton to transfer to their team. Let’s all hope Trooper Taylor is as far away from this rodeo as possible. Jeff has already been spotted on a scooter in jorts in Gainesville. This is not a first.

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