BUSTED! Mom Shoving That Finger Up Her Nose At Pacers-Cavs Game [VIDEO]

First of all, damn that’s an ugly baby. Let’s not kid ourselves here. Not all babies are little balls of cuteness. Go to a Walmart in Knoxville, Tennessee. Near the airport. Guarantee you’ll see ugly babies in that joint. Just little freak shows puking and shitting on themselves. We were there for Georgia-Tennessee in the fall and couldn’t believe the little bastards these people create. Mutants.

Anyway, here is Pacers mom diggin’ it out last night.

Posted: Like 13 hours ago by some guy at home on a Friday watching Pacers-Cavs in April

Premise of Video: The Pacers TV crew comes back from break and decides to get this baby some face time. Pan to the mom. Ahh, such a cute moment in this ugly baby’s life. Precious.

Climax of Video: Wait…wait…wait…WTF? Did she just shove her finger up that schnoz?

Conclusion: The Pacers went home 102-83 winners & nose picker went home and checked her email in which friends mentioned mom & the cute baby were on TV. Not a good look, mom.