Gronk: “I’d Eff Tim Tebow To Take His Virginity” [VIDEO]


As we told you last night, Rob Gronkowski was on the University of Rhode Island campus (last night) for “A Night With Rob Gronkowski.” Students were charged $7 to ask questions, take part in a hot wing sauce eating competition and hear the Jizz Blaster handle an F*ck, Marry, Kill featuring Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan & Betty White. Of course hilarity ensues as Jizz Blaster gives students what they came for.

Of course he’d f*ck Tebow just to take his virginity. That was the bro move, right? Of course!

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Jizz Blaster is doing this campus thing because students will actually pay to get autographs and pictures taken with their 22-year-old hero. This is a Charlie Sheen-esque night where questions are asked and Gronk has to give them something Gronk-esque.

Climax of Video: Well, he just said he’d eff Tebow. Time to sell t-shirts.

Conclusion: Yes, this will be talked about for years to come.

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