Eddie George Is Just Begging BC To Drop $1.1M On This Dump [PHOTOS]

Only way we’re buying Eddie George’s $1.1 million Brentwood, TN mansion is if he throws in the furnishings and the Brutus the Buckeye Fathead in the OSU guest room. Otherwise, no deal. Let’s be honest, if this house was in Columbus there’d be a mile long line of doctors, lawyers, veterinarians and car dealership owners lusting after this 8,500 sq. ft. palace.

Is that a DJ booth in the game room? Sure looks like it. And that’s a nice touch. Not nearly as cool as the house that Sean Payton bought in January that features a legit disco, but still slick.

Why is Eddie moving? Bigger house? Tired of paying for housekeepers to clean 8,500 sq. ft.? Moving back to Columbus? All legit reasons. He’s yet to elaborate on this @EddieGeorge27 Twitter account.

Whatever the case, we’d totally move the BC headquarters to suburban Nashville in a heartbeat if Eddie wants to drop that prices a few hundred thousand.

Highlights of Eddie George’s Brentwood Crash Pad:

• 5 bed, 7 bath, 14 rooms

• 4-car garage for all the toys

• Basement is 2000 sq. ft.!

• Double mahogany front doors

• Paid $1.675m in 2007

Nearest strip club is Gabrielle’s, 16 miles away

• One of the better game rooms you’ll see in an athlete pad

Asking: $1,099,000

Mortgage: You’re looking somewhere in the $5k range before adding in taxes, etc.

[Buy Eddie George’s Brentwood, TN Home – Realtor]



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