Drunk Coyotes Chick ‘Connie’ Missed Phoenix Beat Chicago In OT [VIDEO]

Three items stand out in this video from last night’s Coyotes-Blackhawks NHL playoffs first-round game in Phoenix. (1.) St. Louis Blues fan is uber excited to be at a game featuring Phoenix & Chicago. (2.) Is Coyotes fan planning to take all five beer cups home with him? Having a hard time locating red Solo cups in the PHX, brah? (3.) Just look at the eyes on (we’re calling her) Connie as she soldiers through OT. All kinds of f*cked up? 

In other news, Martin Hanzal gets the OT KO goal and Phoenix jumps out to a 1-0 series lead.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt9WIJvKFyY]

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: You should get the idea of why we find this video intriguing. The big question for us is, how many drafts did Connie consume to get to this stage of hammered?

Climax of Video: Her puking on her husband during the ride home.

Conclusion: Cup guy makes us sad. Sure, you keep one big soft drink cup to use at home during poker night. That’s fair. But stacking five deep? Total redneck move. Plus, that’s like a $50 night. Top signs you might have a drinking problem: 5 beers at a hockey game & you save the cups. 5 beers isn’t the issue. Doesn’t even impress us. Stacking those cups takes the 5 beers to a whole new level. AA time.

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