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Brett Favre Is New Southern Miss Baseball Road Trip Team Mom? [PHOTO]

The big news out of Southern Miss and  Metairie, La. this week came from the school’s baseball game against LSU where the ol’ gunslinger showed up and decided to hang out in the dugout. LSU needed to get in a mid-week game so they invited Southern Miss to New Orleans to play at Zephyr Field. Good reason for a Brett Favre roadie. What else is he up to? Is it deer season?

How did Brett got to the game? Oh, just the Southern Miss team bus, according to the team Twitter account.

Playing #8 LSU, in front of 10,000…. In the company of Brett Favre on the USM bus… SMTTT!!!

Gunslinger wasn’t the lucky charm. The Golden Eagles dropped the non-conference tilt, 8-3.

(via @mreich1)

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