2012 Baltimore Ravens Bikini Calendar Shoot Highlighted By Acrobatics [PHOTOS]

Blah, blah, blah. The Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders were in the Bahamas recently to shoot a bikini calendar. We’ve posted dozens of these ‘stories’ over the years and they all start to run together. Chick…in bikini…beach…sun…fake tans…blah…blah…blah. But the big news out of this 2012 shoot is that the ladies brought the male cheerleaders with them and turned in this acrobatic shot that is decent. 

Look, we’ve ripped Baltimore’s male cheerleaders in the past for being traitors. Got hate mail over it. The thing about male cheerleaders at a bikini calendar shoot is how do you keep these meatheads out of the calendar. Total buzzkill.

That said, we’d like to shake this photographer’s hand for the brilliant idea of having the meatheads launch a bikini cheerleader on the beach. Pure genius.

[Official Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders]

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