The NBA’s Reigning Horniest Mascot Award Goes To Cavs’ Moondog [28 PHOTOS]


Maybe you heard the news about the Cleveland Cavaliers mascot, Moondog, suffering an eye injury last night while horsing around with the Indiana Pacers David West. This was just the kind of news that jostled our brain and reminded us that the team used to have the horniest mascot in the NBA. A quick check today of Moondog’s Flickr page showed us that nothing has changed. The (we’re 99.9% certain it’s a guy) mascot is still grinding on the ladies. 

Moondog has one pose he calls ‘Prom’ where the mascot gets behind women and puts his hands on their hips. As you can see from the photos, Moondog’s hands seem to be in an inappropriate spot for most ladies. But time and time again, Moondog goes for the ‘Prom’ positioning and even jokes that certain women want his number.

There is also a folder called ‘Slow Dancing’ where Moondog is hugging his prey. Our team still says this has to be the NBA’s Horniest Mascot.

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