The Bigger Craze: 99 Problems & Aint 1 Shirts Or 69 Jerseys? [PHOTOS]


What was once only a Jay-Z song is now the latest craze in customized jerseys. We’ve now seen two sets of jerseys referencing the song “99 Problems,” which has the immortal phrase “I’ve got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.

We first noticed this nifty saying on a couple customized Orlando Magic jerseys — the man’s had the number 99 and the name “problems.” His old lady had the number 1 and the name “ain’t.” Ironically, Penny Hardaway also once wore that number.

This week, the same thing turned up at a Washington Nationals game on a pair of customized shirts. Washington Post sports blogger Dan Steinberg gets photos of people at Nationals games who have “Natitude,” which is evidently like having attitude, but instead you’re a fan of a losery baseball team.

Steinberg believed the Washington 99 problems couple had “soooo much Natitude.” Realistically, they’re just a couple copycats, but then, they’re Nationals fans so we don’t really expect much. They probably think Alexander Ovechkin is the best thing to ever touch a puck too.

So, here’s to having major Natitude, bro!

[Dan Steinberg Twitter] [Best Customized Jerseys Ever!]

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