Good Ol’ Boys Whippin’ That Ass At The Carolina Speedway [VIDEO]


We love fan fights. Sorry, you sports purist bastards, just how we’ve been rollin’ since 2007. Baseball fan fights are cool. Same with hockey and football fan fights. But there’s something about fights at race tracks that gives us a YouTube boner. Maybe it’s because there are no ushers in yellow coats to break up the fisticuffs. Maybe it’s because tracks like the Carolina Speedway don’t have security to stop the drunks.

This…is what excites us on a daily basis.

Posted: April 6, 2012

Premise of Video: All we know is that this is a brawl last weekend at the Carolina Speedway and there is a guy in a UNC shirt who seems to be involved but a fat chick sticks up for him. Then all hell breaks loose.

Climax of Video: Zone in on the :13 mark when the peace keeper drops like a fly from Big Boi’s straight right. Kudos to the peace keeper for coming back for more from Big Boi.

Conclusion: Helluva plug from the P.A. announcer for the Internet site. “ if you want to see that or need evidence,” the announcer says. God, we love the dirt tracks lack of elitism.

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