Bobby Petrino’s Arkansas House Is For Sale & It’s Spectacular; $2.5M [PHOTOS]

And the hits keep coming for Bobby Petrino. His phone records are in the public domain and now we learn from Friends of the Program that the Petrino house in Fayetteville is for sale. Let’s just say this isn’t the house you sell because you plan on buying bigger. It’s your forever house. The kind of house an SEC coach purchases with no intentions of leaving for a long, long time. The bad news is that Bobby won’t be needing it.

What did we notice about the Petrino house after taking the tour? Lots of Arkansas Razorbacks gear – EVERYWHERE! Kids rooms, master bedroom, his closet, the wife’s closet, the game room. Even the theater is painted red or whatever color the school wants to call it.

So sad, Bobby. It’s all going to be gone soon.

Before you ask, the house was first put up for sale October 25, 2011, the listing was removed in March and is now back on the market. Go figure.

Highlights of Bobby Petrino’s Fayetteville Pad:

• 6 bed, 7.5 baths

• 8700 sq. ft.

• Isn’t a counter in the place not sportin’ granite

• Batting cage

• Basketball court

• Putting green

• Glorious fountain

• Two acres!

Nearest strip club – Silver Dollar Cabaret – is 4.3 miles from home

Asking: $2,500,000

Mortgage: In the $10k range; add in costs for the landscapers and pool boys

[Buy Bobby Petrino’s House – Lindsey & Associates]

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