Alison Melder & Bobby Petrino Exchanged 200+ Texts [PHOTOS]

Another hour, another hit to Bobby Petrino. The sleuths combing through his phone & texts records have noticed Bobby spent lots of quality time trading texts with Alison Melder, an implanted Arkansas-Little Rock political science graduate who works for the state’s Republican party. She’s also a former Little Rock glamour model for some site called We went back to Alison’s 2008-2009 catalog and think you’ll appreciate our investigation.

The LRGirls operation seems to be defunct and Melder’s association with the site seemed to end in 2010. That’s when she moved over to politics with the state Republicans. As you can see on her Facebook, Melder is a fan of God, Eminem, Arkansas football, the Bible & Ryan Mallett.

Her Twitter account is on lockdown.

As for the texts, here is an example from his phone records. Note: Jessica Dorrell‘s number was 479-856-9535. Petrino’s wife’s number was 479-236-9780. If you want to give yourself a headache, try to figure out what Melder’s number was.

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