“A Night With The Rob Gronkowski” On URI Campus Happened Tonight [PHOTOS]

We mentioned in late March that students at the University of Rhode Island would get a chance to enjoy a “Night With Rob Gronkowski” for ONLY $7. That night was tonight. Like 2 hours ago. The big question for us was what would you get for $7. That’s at least seven beers on dollar beer night, if our math is correct. From the look of things on Twitter, Gronk held a Q&A session and let chicks touch him.

Solid night for the Jizz Blaster.

Let’s not forget that this guy is 22, a couple years out of the University of Arizona and is one of them at URI. What could he really tell college students? War stories from Spring Break? How he legged out the Super Bowl? About ‘crushing’ Bibi Jones? We’re not sure because the meatheads that attended tonight’s Q&A don’t really have much to say on Twitter.

Some guy who goes by @JimBlack2 reported in:

At this Gronk thing at URI, these people are pyscho…He’s a normal person…Nasty tight end, but a normal person none the less

Then there was a picture/autograph session and that’s where we found this guy who found the love of his young life.

Some Fiesta chick named @sillmanxo checked in with a very Gronk-like tweet:

Gronk just squeezed me

The actual show part of the event? Gronk held a hot wing eating contest (via @AlliKratik)with the winner walking away with a Gronkowski signed jersey. We think the biggin’ with her arm raised was the champion.

As for the after-party, rumors on the street is that Gronk is taking the Fiesta to some bar called Bon Vue. Gonna be nursing and poli sci chicks shaking their asses on the bars. Get there quick, boys.

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