Skip Bayless Explains Why He Averaged 1.4 PPG In High School [VIDEO]


Of course the producers of ESPN’s First Take have turned the ‘Skip Bayless Averaged 1.4 PPG In High School,’ drama into another day of trolling for viewers stuck at home looking for Jerry Springer type sh*t. On today’s show, we get Skipper telling Jalen the full story of his high school basketball career. How his coach hated him. How the basketball coach transferred in his son to play over Skipper. Blah, blah, blah.

Brain cells leaving your skull in…3…2…1!

Posted: Hate to say we even uploaded this garbage, but we did just for you guys stuck at work

Premise of Video: You get the picture. Skip embellishes his high school basketball career, fails to tell Twitter followers he scored 1.4 ppg and was required to pass to the post guy.

Climax of Video: Can’t pinpoint one.

Conclusion: 2nd shifters and black dudes just lapping up this garbage. Lap…lap…lap. Anyone else figure Jay Crawford has to get smashed after work on a daily basis? Like falling down, puking on himself drunk, to get through life.

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