Sex With Ryan Braun’s Girlfriend Larisa Fraser: You In Or Out? [PHOTOS]

Each time new photos of Larisa Fraser drop into our lap all we can think of is whether she’s cool with SportsCenter/Baseball Tonight marathons after crazy master bedroom wall sex. Could be the best girlfriend EVER if she’s down with what makes us happy. We’ll be here waiting when she finally breaks it off with Jew Hardo Ryan Braun which probably isn’t happening because he makes all that money & has crown molding in his master bedroom. 

What’s Fraser up to now that the Brewers season has started? She was in Milwaukee for the team’s weekend series just dripping Canadian model sex all over Miller Park.

As for her recent work, you’ll have to settle on this shoot for Triumph bras/undies for the company’s spring 2012 catalog. Better than Kate Upton? No question about it. This chick should be a household name and here she is with only 2,300 fans on Facebook.


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