OMG, Jalen Rose Destroys Skip Bayless & His H.S. Basketball Claims [VIDEO]


Yes, the dickhead producers at ESPN’s First Take are suckering me in on this one. The Internet was buzzing yesterday over news that Skip Bayless might have embellished his high school basketball prowess. He claimed to be stud basketball player, yet averaged 1.4 ppg his senior year. Blah, blah, blah. So, guess who First Take had handy this morning to ‘debate’ Skip? A guard! Jalen Rose!  And of course he brought up the Bayless lies.

We feel sorry for you morons if you don’t realize this shit is scripted.

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: Skip & Jalen debate. Skip realizes it’s the perfect time to float a basketball zinger at Jalen. (Of course they know how the show was scripted in the morning production meeting.) Jalen, knowing he’s expected to take advantage of the “Skip IS LYING” Internet buzz, does his job. We wouldn’t even post this shit but you guys keep gulping it up so here you go. Eat some more shit pies from Skip and his ESPN pig bosses.

Climax of Video: Oh, shit. Did you see Skip’s face when Jalen asked him if he averaged 1.4 ppg? Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

Conclusion: The day this pig bastard is unemployed will be a great day. Been a pig bastard for a long, long time. Remember what he wrote about Tony Dorsett?

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