MLB Rookie Sideline Reporters Jenny Dell & Britt McHenry Make Debuts [PHOTOS]

Yes, Boston, we know you have a new sideline reporter. Thanks for telling us on Twitter, via email, etc. Of course we were aware of Jenny Dell when she got Heidi Watney’s old Red Sox sideline reporting gig. Sure, Jenny has a great collection of photos from her pre-NESN days. But Jenny isn’t the only rookie who made her MLB debut last week. Our old friend Britt McHenry, 25, did the same for Fox Sports San Diego as the voice of Padres’ sidelines. 

One is blonde. One is brunette. One got her start at ESPN. The other is a graduate of the Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Not to toot our horn too much, but we featured McHenry in June 2011 and estimated her hire date at either ESPN or Fox at February 2012. We were literally 30 days off. Britt got to San Diego just in time to assume her sideline duties as the home team faced the Dodgers. Of course she won’t get the national attention that Dell will via the East Coast bias from guys who don’t stay awake for 10:15 p.m. first pitches.

As for Dell, the early reviews are flattering, according to the Boston Herald.

“No one from Boston likes change. I celebrate change,” said Joe Coen, 36, of Boston. “And I celebrate (Dell). Why should we judge her? Heidi Watney is great, but with change comes new beginnings.”

“I love her,” said Bobby DeLuca, 40, of Watertown. “I haven’t got an opinion about (her baseball) knowledge. Right now it’s about looks.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter search for McHenry returned just four tweets since Opening Day. So while the Boston bros are firmly with Team Dell, Busted Coverage is announcing right now that we’re jumping in with both feet to Team McHenry. Seriously, just one look at Dell & you realize her face will look like a 10-year-old pair of Timberland boots by July. Meanwhile, McHenry will just be whipping the blonde locks in our face and showing off the perfect skin tone.

Let the war begin.