ESPN Sideline Reporter Jenn Brown’s Wedding Lacked Sideline Reporters [PHOTOS]

Guess how many sideline reporters (that we know of) were at Jenn Brown’s Easter weekend wedding. GUESS! One. Bonnie Bernstein. Brown, of ESPN Thursday Night Football fame, married actor Wes Chatham during an outdoor ceremony in Georgia and followed the nuptials with a reception where Bonnie snapped off a couple shots of our one-time sideline crush.

We hope the couple enjoys the tomato knife we bought for them. For $16 it better be a great tomato knife.

As for the guest list, we know that bro Drubner from ESPNU’s Road Trip was there. He worked with Brown when BC discovered this talent back in 2008. That’s about it.

If you really want to see more of the wedding, watch E! News – TONIGHT – for the highlights.

[HT: @BonnieBernstein]

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