Saskatchewan Lingerie Football League Team WILL Serve Beer; Gov’t Loosens Nudity Laws


First things first. We were surprised to learn that there’s a Canadian side of the Lingerie Football League and apparently it has or will begin play this year. Actually… no we weren’t. Still, it was news to us.

There’s already a team in Toronto, but the league added initially added teams in five more markets. They are Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, and Montreal. Then they announced two more, which haven’t been without controversy. The newest teams are in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Regina, Saskatchewan and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The Abbotsford team got some push back from the city council because, hey, that’s a conservative city with religious values. The Saskatchewan teams have come under fire for saying they’ll serve alcohol at their games. Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada where alcohol is forbidden at strip clubs. It’s not unheard of. Sometimes crazy stuff happens when you combine drunk, lonely dudes, booze and naked women.

Well, these women aren’t naked, dammit!

“Provided that nudity is not a regular occurrence — it’s not sort of part and parcel of the event — there wouldn’t be any restriction against that [lingerie football] taking place,” Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority vice-president of policy Jim Engel said.

Provincial rules ban selling liquor at events where nudity is featured, or more specifically, where there’s “removal of clothing for the purpose of titillation,” Engel said.

“Things we’ve heard of the promoters is this is primarily a demonstration of sport, of athleticism, from the athletes,” Engel said.

Yes… sport, athleticism, athletes…

You can tell this is what it’s all about because there are so many women in the audience. Long live booze! Long live the LFL!
[Sask. unlikely to ban liquor at lingerie football]

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