Cheerleaders Of The Arena Football League: Jacksonville Sharks’ Randi


I am constantly amazed by the amount of talent in the Arena Football League. There is definitely NFL-caliber talent on these rosters. The upper body strength alone should get some looks.

Oh, wait, did you think I was talking about the players? Yeah, not so much. I can’t name a single AFL player, but I have at least half of the league’s dance team rosters memorized. I’m not overstating things when I say that some of the best racks in all of professional cheerleading reside in the Arena League. I’ll submit Jacksonville Shark Attack Dance Team veteran Randi as Exhibit #1.

Randi’s chesticles measure up (pun damn well intended) with any NFL cheerleader you’ve ever seen. No clue why this chick is wasting away in some dank arena in Jacksonville. The Jaguars need to snatch this girl up. Hell, it’s not like they are making any other quality moves right now!

Get To Know Your Arena League Cheerleaders: Randi

• Her favorite food is vanilla creme brulee

• For some reason people call her “Ducky”

• Loves her Alabama Crimson Tide

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