No Better Way To Celebrate Championship #8 Than With UK Cheerleaders In Bikinis


The Kentucky Wildcats won their 8th NCAA Basketball title a couple weeks, and I figured there was no better way to celebrate that accomplish than to post a few of their cheerleaders hitting the beach in their bikinis. Because that’s what we do at Busted Coverage. We bring you the hard-hitting coverage of the NCAA tournament that you really care about. You could care less whether Anthony Davis’ defense was the key to the Wildcats’ run through the 2011-2012 season. You don’t really want to hear about KU’s inability to defy the odds with another 2nd half comeback.

No, you want cute college cheerleaders in bikinis soaking up the sun and the making the internet a better place. That’s why we gave you the Cheerleaders of the Final Four.  You might even notice UK’s Lindsey in this post. You’re welcome world. You. Are. Welcome.

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