Rangers Announcer All F-ed Up Trying To Say Yu Darvish Trainer’s Name [VIDEO]

Opening Day in Texas! Big acquisition in the offseason was Yu Darvish and that means the Rangers also acquired a couple new Asian trainers to work on Yu’s shoulders. For some strange reason the organization wanted to recognize these new hired guns and that’s when hilarity ensues. Legendary P.A. announcer Chuck Morgan gets through one strange name but the second & third don’t escape getting butchered. 

Still trying to figure out what name Chuck’s pronouncing. Lost me and can’t find the Rangers trainer staff on the Internet.

Posted: Just happened 10 minutes ago

Premise of Video: You should be all good here.

Climax of Video: Listen to Chuck just making up some sh*t on the fly. Boss move, brah.

Conclusion: Shouldn’t teams just give these guys Americanized names to make things easier on everyone. You need the Asian trainer? “Yo, Ozzy – need you down here rubbing down the groin – NOW!” See, much easier.