Paulina Gretzky Puts Her Massive Sideboob On Display In L.A. [PHOTOS]


Kudos to the TMZ camera guys for staking out some L.A. restaurant last night where they found Paulina Gretzky exiting and wearing this insane dress. Of course we all know that Paulina loves to dress provocatively, yet hadn’t gotten to the sideboob stage. This is a game changer. It’s just a matter of time before this chick is dating someone on the Clippers or Kings. Can’t see her getting through the summer without a seven-figure star taking her to Cabo.

Camera guy: “You are Wayne Gretzky’s daughter.”

Paulina: “Yes, yes, yes.”

This is outside STK in case you Hollywood types want to know where rich daughters are clubbing these days.

Paulina’s message to her Twitter followers this morning:

Off to kickboxing!! TGIF

[Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter … IN LINGERIE]

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