Jared Sullinger Wearing A Tight Dress [PHOTO]

As an Ohio State fan, what can I possibly say about this? How can I condone a future Ohio State legend Jared Sullinger getting into a chick’s dress? How can this possibly be explained to future children who will forever see this during Ohio State-Michigan games? How many years will Michigan fan use this against ‘us?’ How will this be used against ‘us’ in recruiting wars? Why, Sullinger? Why do this to your school and ‘us?’

This just ruined Good Friday.

15-year-old blogger @brad_wolff reports that one of Sullinger’s friends posted this on Instagram.

It was back and forth posting of embarrassing pics. This apparently happens often

Makes us sad. How exactly will OSU fans get back at Michigan fans over this? Brady Hoke in lingerie? Shoelaces Sex Tape? Going to be a long, embarrassing summer.

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